New products inspection building La Coruna Port

  • New products inspection building La Coruna Port

    Puerto La CorunaBefore the end of this year, the construction of the new inspection building for products of vegetal origin intended for animal food will begin at the Outer Port of Punta Langosteira in La Coruna, incorporating a leading technological system in order to expedite the work of technicians and ensure geater reability throughout the control process.

    The execution of the project has been awarded to the local Campany of La Coruna name´s Construcciones Lopez Cao, with a term of five months to finalize the project. The new building will enter in service in the first quarter of 2017, replacing the provisional installation which is currently used in the Outer Port of Langosteira to handle the traffic of agri-food products.

    This agro-food inspection building will be located on a ground next to the Port Opeartions Esplanade, providing an easy and quick access to all operators.Its main feature will be the automatic sampling arm, which allows to collect the samples directly from the truck and automatically sent to the laboratory checking point , facilitating the bulk inspection work.Investiment in the construction of the facility will be carried out by the Port Autorithy, wich will make it available to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, wich is the competent institution in matters of control.

    The port of La Coruna is the Cantabrian-Atlantic zone in the movement of feed, cereals and in general agricultural products, with an annual traffic of more than 2 million tons of products, mainly destined to the feeding of galician cattle.

    These type of traffic and prodcuts have a greater persence in the Outer Port, due to any Agents as Galigrain, Pérez Torres and TMGA have already moved about 40% of their discharges, from main port of La Coruna to their new premises located at Langosteira Outer Port which are equipped with powerful and efficience mechanical means. Langosteira Outer Port has registered a movement of 1.25 million tons during this year with total of more than 2.8 million tons since its starts operations in September 2012.

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